Close collaboration with development partners and other providers of capacity development helps make CCAMTAC capacity development support more effective and sustainable. Strong collaboration will reinforce synergies, help avoid duplication, and align stakeholders to the same goals. The center’s work is  based on results-based management to ensure strong project monitoring and implementation and guide the allocation of resources. Strategic and topical logical frameworks are presented in the CCAMTAC program document and  developed for each project.  Development partners contribute importantly to the funding of the center for which we are very grateful:


CCAMTAC also coordinates closely with other CD providers in the region, including those directly related to the IMF—the Joint Vienna Institute (JVI), Singapore Training Institute (STI), and the China-IMF Capacity Development Center (CICDC)—as well as other regional partners (e.g., the Georgia Training Program, GTP) and international partners, including the European Union (EU), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), World Bank (WB), and bilateral CD providers.