Technical Assistance

Fiscal Year 2021

Macroeconomic Frameworks

Strengthening macroeconomic forecasting and analytical capacity along with supporting analytical tools will help CCAM countries improve macroeconomic and macro-fiscal forecasting ability, credibility, and policy analysis, as well as help identify and mitigate macroeconomic risks. It will also provide a sounder basis for policy formulation by better linking monetary and fiscal policies to consistent macroeconomic scenarios, improved medium-term macroeconomic frameworks and supporting institutional arrangements, analytical tools, and communications outputs and channels.

Public Financial Management

PFM activities will focus on strengthening medium-term fiscal frameworks (MTFF), processes for budget preparation, infrastructure governance, budget execution and control, coverage and quality of fiscal reporting; monitoring, management and disclosure of fiscal risks; fiscal transparency practices; and cash and debt management. CD activities on expenditure policy will continue to be provided to CCAM countries from IMF HQ.

Revenue Administration

Revenue administration activities will focus on supporting strategic planning; supporting organizational structures and performance management; identifying and mitigating compliance risks across taxes and taxpayer segments; and integrating information technology solutions and third-party information sources. CD activities on tax policy will continue to be provided to CCAM countries from IMF HQ.

Monetary and Financial Sector Policy

CD will focus on strengthening the capacity of CCAM central banks to implement monetary policy and conduct FX operations effectively, in order to achieve low and stable inflation and to foster financial sector stability, development, and inclusion. This will be supported by activities to develop and/or strengthen banking regulation and prudential norms, implement risk-based supervision (RBS) systems, and upgrading other supervisory processes.

Macroeconomic Statistics

CD activities will aim at enhancing the quality, timeliness, and accessibility of macroeconomic statistics, including national accounts and price statistics, for decision making. In government finance statistics, support will aim to strengthen coverage, compilation, and dissemination of government and public debt statistics. In external sector statistics, the assistance will focus on enhancing the coverage and compilation of internationally comparable balance of payments, the international investment position, and external debt statistics.